Are you an accountant and wish to work from home?

As a accountant at Synega, you can get better paid, more flexibility and even more freedom!


Synega is a new business firm that wants to challenge established solutions in the industry.

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As an accountant, you get the opportunity to offer your accounting expertise from anywhere and when it suits you best, regardless of where in the country you or the client is located. 

We want innovative, professionally skilled and service-minded accountants. We offer flexible employment. How much you want to work is entirely up to you – a lot, little or something next to existing work or accounting practice. All variants are possible at Synega.


Are you our next accounting coworker?

We want:

People who want to be part of the digital future, want to work in teams and are technologically minded

People who are curious, open minded and team driven, but also takes responsibility and enjoys working independently

People who value flexibility and freedom

People who preferably at least 2-5 years experience with clients


Who we work with

We have clients ranging across multiple business areas that we match with the consultants that are interested or have more experience in certain areas, and try to create the best cooperation between client and consultants. We set certain expectations for our clients to deliver what you need to do your job, so that you can have a predictable workload every week and be able to work effectively.


How we work together

We use our teams, team chats and team meetings to share knowledge and help each other in areas we can. Our teams are always excited to meet our new people and work together to achieve great things in Synega!


Get more back for your time.


You control your schedule yourself.


Work from wherever you want.


This is how you become a part of Synega

Get to know us

Check out our career page and read about us!


If you feel like we are a good match for you, we would love to see your application for a [service] position with us! It is easy to apply, just fill out the form [here], upload relevant documents, and our recruiting team will review your application as soon as possible.


If you have an interesting profile for Synega, we will contact you and schedule an interview! There we will have a chat figuring out if you are a suitable candidate for Synega and if we match your expectations!

Welcome to Synega!

If your profile suits Synega well, we will contact you with an offer and hopefully you will soon be a part of the team!

Go through training

We have an in-house online training program where you get a thorough introduction to the Synega platform, systems and routines

Select work area, systems, and workload

You can largely influence the type of work you want to do, the systems you want to work in, and inform on how much you want to work and how many clients you will have, and your manager will do their best to comply with your needs as long as we can meet the needs of our clients.

Get assigned customers and meet your team

To begin with, you will be assigned a few clients so you can get started. We conduct internal controls, reviewing your work and helping you structure your work. Afterwards your workload will increase and you will meet your team who are excited to work with you!

Become part of tomorrow's workplace

Synega takes consulting into the 21st century and we’re working towards becoming companies’ preferred provider of services, wherever companies may be located. We do this by offering a large selection of excellent services, at great prices, exclusively online.